Through years of living on the web and searching its vast resources, Spidey Mike has become well versed in Internet Marketing, Web Design and Search Engine Optimization. Spidey’s lived off of the internet exclusively for since 2002 and because of this combined hobby and career choice, he has learned a lot about the world, technology and business. For many years, Mike dedicated 12+ hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week towards working and learning. There is no project or program that is very difficult for him because his technical understanding comes naturally.

With an avid curiosity for all things code, Spidey Mike has had plenty of experience with many different programming languages. These languages include HTML, PHP, ASP, VB-Script, CSS, XHTML, XML, RSS, Java-JavaScript, CGI-Perl Script, AJAX, J-Query and Flash-Action Script. These languages are the key ingredients that make up the majority of the contents of the World Wide Web. Without these languages, we’d have no web to speak of or utilize. This would mean no My Space, Face Book, Yahoo, Wikipedia or Google.

Interestingly enough, the term Spidey Designs is the creative result of a very talented web guru.
Michael Knapp, aka Spidey branded himself in a clever way, combining both his nickname and skill set.

The new brand fit perfectly. It reflected both person and career. Spidey Designs for a living.
It covers both the name and the actions of a guy who’s constantly developing on the World Wide Web.

Spidey Mike is a master of HTML coding and can spot flaws in anyone’s design and fix them if such flaws exist. He also is a great graphic designer who can spice up anyone’s web space and can adapt to whatever style is needed.